Fur Storage in Arizona

Evans Furs and Leathers is proud to serve the entire Southwest!

Our Ultracare Package includes: *Storage * Cleaning * Glazing * Conditioning

Did you know that keeping your garments at home could be a costly mistake.

Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for storage unless they are equipped with proper air circulation, and maintain a constant 50 degree temperature and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Caution! The smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leather and wool, creating lasting unpleasant odors.

Our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled vaults protect your valuable furs from damaging elements and conditions.


Reasons to store your precious furs, leathers and fine fabric outerwear

  1. Our storage vault is kept at the proper humidity and temperature levels which helps to maximize the life of your fur. Storing your garments properly helps to slow down the speed at which pelts dry out.
  2. Our storage vault is kept dark—light, both natural and artificial, causes furs to change color or oxidize. (light colors take on a yellow cast, while darker colors take on a reddish hue). Keeping garments in a dark cool environment slows down this process.
  3. The cool temperature and proper humidity levels keeps the pests away. Moths, and crickets are known to do a tremendous amount of damage to furs and fine fabrics. The cold temperature keeps the moths and crickets and their larvae away.
  4. The storage vault is the safest place to keep your valuable garment to protect it against theft, fire, water damage etc.


Reasons to clean, glaze and condition your garments

  1. Natural oils in the pelts dry out and eventually pelts become brittle and crack/tear, possibly beyond repair. The clean/glaze and condition process helps to slow down this process.
  2. Dust, pollutants, and airborne particulates are attracted to fur and get caught in the hair, causing an abrasive effect that can wear on the natural shine of the fur over time, causing it to look old and tired.
  3. Keeping your fur in good condition will extend it’s life and will allow you the opportunity to update or restyle it in the future should you choose to do so.
  4. Cleaning glazing and conditioning your fur is not necessarily due to the fact that it is dirty. The number one concern is to keep the pelts soft and supple and to protect your investment.


Why your fur belongs in our vault

  • Our Vault is Secure – We are UL rated against theft, fire, and other perils!
  • Our Vault is Climate Controlled – optimal temperature and humidity extend the life of your fur!
  • Our vault is Insect Free – no moths, no larvae, no damage no worries!
  • Don’t gamble at home – store with the professionals!


Cleaning, conditioning and glazing – The smart choice

  • We use an exclusive, environmentally friendly process that extends the life of your fur and makes it look its absolute best.
  • Natural oils are replenished preventing drying and cracking – when properly maintained your fur will last decades!
  • Remove dirt, dust, pollutants and particles which will cling to and damage fur!
  • Remove odors and give your fur a fresh, showroom new scent!
  • Remember – even if you wore your fur lightly this winter, properly conditioning your garments extends its life and improves its appearance.